Virtual Training #1: Using Forecasts in Drought Planning

February 4, 2022


How to (and how not to) apply weather and streamflow forecasts to drought decision making.

Speakers & Bios

  • Becky Bolinger – Becky Bolinger is the Assistant State Climatologist at the Colorado Climate Center, Colorado State University. Her interests include climate variability, climate trends, climate prediction, the hydrologic cycle, water resources, and climate and drought monitoring. She has worked for three different climate centers, has experience with many different climate datasets, and has experience with research and applications in climate. Her expertise and passion is bridging the gap between climate research and decision making applications.
  • Brian Domonkos – Brian Domonkos graduated from the University of Maryland from the School of Engineering with a Civil Engineering Degree and a Minor in Meteorology.  His career began with the Snow Survey program as a summer intern prior to graduating from college.  19 years later he continues work in the much loved West-wide Snow Survey Program.
  • Justin Derner – Dr. Justin Derner was born and raised on a cattle ranch (ranch was homesteaded in 1878) in the eastern part of the Nebraska Sand Hills and received his degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (B.S.), Oklahoma State University (M.S.), and Texas A&M University (Ph.D.).  Justin is the Research Leader for the USDA-ARS Rangeland Resources & Systems Research Unit in Fort Collins, Colorado where the focus is to develop science-based management strategies that can enhance manager decision-making by improving resiliency and reducing risks for semiarid rangelands in a changing climate.
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