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Drought is a complex challenge and poses financial, ecological and social risks to agriculture. See our webinar archives for specific information on crops, livestock and range, risk management and more.

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07/17/20222020 Colorado Drought and Beef Marketing Discussion
  • Drought Planning

Discussion on long-term and short term forecast, tools for predicting forage production, and beef market outlook during 2020 drought.

Annie Overlin, Kevin Jablonski, Justin Derner, David Augustine,Dannele Peck, John Ritten, Steve Oswald, Kenny Burk
03/08/2022Drought Management for Crops
  • Crops

Critical periods for alfalfa, strategies for maintaining production with limited water, soil management strategies to buffer drought, and decision-making in drought.

Simon Martinez, José L. Chávez, Dr. Joe Brummer, Ron Meyer
02/12/2022Ideas Around the Table"; Living Dry: Lessons Learned interview with John Welch
  • Drought Planning

The necessity of having a written drought plan and alternative steps to take when faced with drought.

John Welch,Travis Taylor
02/11/2022Risk Management in Drought
  • Risk Management

Tax implications of drought for ag operations, FSA programs for drought relief and partial budgeting for drought decisions.

Jeff Tranel, Corey Hicks, Brent Young
02/11/2022Ranchers Pannel: Perspective on Livestock and Range Drought Management
  • Range and Livestock

Four innovative ranchers from across the state will share how they prepare for and respond to drought.

Robbie LeValley, John Welch, Joe Lanier, Erik Tucker
02/04/2022Using Forecasts in Drought Planning
  • Drought Forecasting

Information on applying climate, weather and snowpack forecasts to drought decisions.

Becky Bolinger, Brian Domonkos, Justin Derner
04/06/2021Planning for drought
  • Crops
  • Drought Planning

Using Irrigation Scheduling, water rights considerations in drought, and drought planning.

Perry Cabot, Retta Bruegger, Celene Hawkins
03/23/2021Weed Management in Drought & Nutritional Considerations in Drought
  • Range and Livestock

Weed management and nutritional considerations during drought.

Robin Young, Kelcey Swyers
03/09/2021Drought planning from a Rancher’s perspective and legalities of Stock water and Water Retention
  • Drought Planning

Steps Erika and Jeff have taken to improve drought preparedness; What to know about legalities of pond construction

Jeff Meyers, Erika Murphy, Brian Romig
03/06/2021Strategic Drought Decisions and Rangelands in Drought
  • Range and Livestock

Do’s and don’ts of rangeland management in drought and using the “buy hay sell cows” tool to evaluate financial tradeoffs.

Retta Bruegger, Jenny Beiermann
02/18/2021Long Range Stocking Rate Decision Tool
  • Drought Forecasting
  • Range and Livestock

Learn about a 78 year stocking rate study to inform stocking decisions using PDO, El Nino/La Nina, and local moisture.

Retta Bruegger
02/12/2021Grassland Endurance: Management for/with Drought
  • Range and Livestock

What grasslands need to grow and avoid damage during drought, and stocking tools to help producers estimate how much grass may be available.

Julie Elliott
02/10/2021Streamflow Forecasting with SNOTEL
  • Drought Forecasting

Learn the resources available for predicting streamflow with snowpack.

Brian Domonkos, Karl Wetlaufer
DateWebinar LinkTopicDescriptionPresenter
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