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Upcoming trainings

We’re taking a break to focus on the Drought Plan ProgramYou can request a program or check out past trainings and webinars.

Drought Leadership Training

The Drought Leadership Training is a hybrid program that combines virtual and in-person training opportunities on drought mitigation and management for retail agriculture, agricultural services, extension, or with agriculture-focused agencies/organizations. The Drought Leadership Training was developed by our team in 2021/2022.

Core topics include: 

  • Using forecasts in drought planning
  • Risk management in drought
  • Drought management strategies for livestock and range
  • Drought management strategies for cropping systems 
  • Stress management in drought
  • Drought planning

Other Drought Webinars

Check out webinars from our team and beyond on drought management for a range of topics, including drought planning, crops management in drought, rangeland management in drought, risk management, and drought forecasting tools.

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