Tori Kauffman

Program Manager for Drought Advisors

Fort Collins, CO

Tori Kauffman began her career in the food service industry, where six years of working in kitchens with small teams taught her a love of serving and connecting with people. In 2021, she received her masters degree in Sustainable Food Systems from the University of Colorado in Boulder. During her graduate work, Tori discovered a love for engaging with and learning from agricultural producers. She loves hearing peoples’ stories and learning from the expertise and experience of others, and she is passionate about connecting individuals with varying backgrounds and beliefs over common values to effectively face shared challenges.

Tori also holds a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. Although she has never worked full-time in agricultural production, she is a working member for a local organic vegetable farm in her hometown of Fort Collins, CO, and she is hoping to try her hand at backyard gardening next season!
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