Phil Brink

Conservation Scientist and Owner at Brink, Inc.

Erie, CO

Philip Brink is a conservation scientist and owner of Brink, Inc. which provides compliance assistance to animal feeding operations and soil and water conservation assistance to the agriculture industry. He also serves as the Consulting Coordinator of Colorado Cattlemen’s Association’s Ag Water NetWORK, which works through outreach and technical assistance to “keep ag water connected with ag land.”

Phil’s post-graduate work in industry began as a Hydrologist for the Kansas Division of Water Resources. He also led investigations of soil and groundwater contamination, conducted water quality studies and analyzed surface and groundwater data for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Since 2002, Brink, Inc. has provided conservation and compliance services to the USDA-NRCS, State of Colorado, Ute Indian Tribe, individual counties, and over one hundred animal feeding operations. Phil has also led and co-led special studies for the Colorado State Conservation Board, Colorado State University and agricultural associations. Phil holds a master’s degree in environmental science with a water and hydrology emphasis. He is an Environmental Professional certified through the National Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals, and an NRCS Technical Service Provider. Brink, Inc. is based in Erie, Colorado.
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