Micaela Fenton

Outgoing Project Manager for Drought Advisors and DARCA Communications and Outreach Director

Greeley, CO

Micaela Fenton is the Outgoing Project manager for Colorado Agricultural Drought Advisors. Micaela grew up in Greeley, where she found her passion for the agricultural community around her, quickly learning about the value of water, and pushing her to go to CSU. Micaela graduated from Colorado State with a degree in Soil and Crops Sciences, focused on water resources and agriculture.

During her time with Drought Advisors, Micaela helped with the initial capacity building, organizing the group around a mission, vision, and strategic communications plan. She co-authored a grant securing funding for two years of the Drought Plan Program and helped put on a six-part Drought Leadership Program. Currently, Micaela spends her time with Drought Advisors designing the Drought Handbook to be released towards the end of 2022. Micaela also works with the Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance as their Communications and Outreach Director where she manages their strategic communications, membership engagement, and their Colorado Water Ambassador Program.

When she is not working, Micaela is probably spending lots of time with family, friends, or her crazy two dogs, doing something creative, or hiking. Micaela is passionate about solving problems that help people and wants to continue doing that throughout her career.
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