Karla Melgar Velis

Small Acreage Management Specialist- Front Range Region, CSU Extension

Longmont, CO

Karla is the current Small Acreage Management Specialist for the Front Range Region, working with CSU Extension and NRCS. She aims to bring resource conservation solutions to landowners, while helping them achieve their management and production goals with their land. Originally from El Salvador, and with a bachelor’s degree in Environment and Development Engineering from Zamorano University in Honduras, Karla is very familiar with the challenges of limited water resources for growing food. Karla obtained a Master’s degree in Mechanized Systems Management from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she researched soil health and manure management on crop fields. Additionally, while living in Nebraska she gained experience in nutrient management in feedlots. Outside of work, Karla enjoys spending time exploring trails with her two dogs or volunteering at the animal shelter where she gets to walk and play with many dogs and other pets.
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