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In 2023 and 2024, the Drought Plan Program provided Colorado farmers and ranchers with personalized advising and financial incentives to craft and implement strategic and actionable drought plans for their agricultural operations. Our team worked with 40 producers from all across Colorado and representing a wide range of production (livestock, row crops, specialty crops, etc) to create their own unique drought plans.

Applications are closed. But you can still create your own drought plan for your farm or ranch! Check out all of our drought planning resources!

The Drought Plan Program aimed to:

How it worked


There’s no question as to whether or not Colorado farmers and ranchers are aware of drought. Whether on the Eastern Plains, the Western Slope, or the San Luis Valley, drought and water availability are a dominant factor in every agricultural operation in the state. 

However, we know that farmers and ranchers are busy people. Drought planning takes time, and when you are busy running an operation, time can be difficult to come by. Our financial incentives compensated producers for their time and the effort required to produce a strategic drought plan.

There is also a great deal of uncertainty surrounding drought. Creating a clear and actionable plan can reduce uncertainty and stress, and it can help a producer identify actions over which they have control. Further, our financial incentives helped to cover some of the initial cost to service providers, helping to move producers from planning to action. 



If you have any questions about the Program, please contact:

Tori Kauffman, Project Manager


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